New Surgical Device Keeps Veterans Safe

Story and photos by Nate Schaeffer, Public Affairs Specialist

Eastern Oklahoma VA first to use the patient safety device

Earlier this month, the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System became the first medical facility in Oklahoma and across VA to use the new GloShieldTM surgical device. Launched in July 2018 by Jackson Medical, GloShieldTM is designed to shield fiber-optic cables from high-intensity light to reduces the risk of burns and fires in the operating room.

Surgeons use fiber-optic light cables to illuminate a patient’s anatomy during many surgical procedures. While the tool is vital, the cables produce temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, a fiber-optic light cable can cause a burn if it touches a surgical drape for a short period of time.

Surgical team poses for photo with the GloShield device

(Left to right) Regina Turner, RN, Tracy Austin, RN, and Kamil Makhnejia, vice president of clinical development for Jackson Medical, pose for photo with the GloShield device.

“Fiber-optic light cables, which are used routinely in a variety of minimally-invasive procedures, are fantastic for their primary purpose of supplying light to a scope,” said Kamil Makhnejia, vice president of clinical development for Jackson Medical. “But an unfortunate by-product of all that light is heat. GloShield fits on the end of the fiber-optic light cable where the light fibers are most dense and the risk of causing a burn is greatest.”

Patty Sanchez, assistant nurse manager for surgery service, said she is proud that Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System is at the forefront of patient safety.

“Our staff did a tremendous job getting this device here,” said Sanchez. “I think one of the positive characteristics with our staff, they’re looking for potential problems and they take the steps to prevent those problems from happening.”


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