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GloShield is Proven to Prevent Fiber-Optic Cable Fires and Burns in the OR

Operating room fires are largely preventable yet are a constant risk for healthcare institutions. Preventing these incidents is crucial for improving patient and customer safety, and the solution is simple: GloShield! GloShield is a reliable and intuitive award-winning solution that reduces the risk of fires and burns attributed to fiber-optic light cables. With seamless implementation onto existing cables, GloShield limits “never events” and prevents thermal injury and hospital fires.
Watch how quickly a light cable ignites this surgical drape compared to a cable equipped with our award-winning GloShield, which completely prevents the fire from starting.

Dr. Spencer Kozinn discusses the importance of patient and fire safety and how GloShield enhances protection in the OR by proactively mitigating light cable fire risk on KQ2 Live at 5.

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Reduce OR Fires and Burns with Award-Winning GloShield

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