GloShield: A Recommended Solution to Preventing Surgical Fires and Burns

Patient safety is paramount in healthcare. As more facilities transition to value-based models of care, surgical fire safety is one topic that is getting more attention. Recent advisories and  guideline updates from esteemed national healthcare organizations like the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), The Joint Commission (TJC), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have highlighted the critical importance of implementing proactive, preventive measures to mitigate fire and burn risks during surgery. GloShield is one example of a preventative measure a hospital can take to reduce the risk of fires and burns. 

A fire requires three components: an oxidizer, an ignition source, and fuel. This is the fire triangle. Without these three components interacting, a fire cannot start. Ignition sources commonly used include electrocautery devices, fiber-optic light cables, and lasers used during airway surgeries. Taking preventative measures to properly handle ignition sources to prevent contact with fuel can easily reduce the risk of fires, burns, and smoking drapes. 

As part of updated standards, AORN, The Joint Commission, and the FDA all now advise using adjunct technology, specifically in the form of a protective cover on fiber-optic light cords. This is the specific language each organization uses:

AORN: “Researchers concluded that using a protective cord cover as directed by the device manufacturer’s IFU could reduce the risk of perioperative burns and fire associated with using fiber-optic light cords.” (Guidelines for Perioperative Practice 2024, EoC, 3.14)

The Joint Commission: “Place the light source in standby mode and disconnect the light cord from the light source or place protective covers/caps over the cord before use.” (Sentinel Event Alert 68 October 2023)

FDA: “When not in use, place ignition sources, such as ESUs, electrocautery devices, fiber-optic illumination light sources, and lasers in a designated area away from the patient (e.g., a safety cover) and not directly on the patient or surgical drapes.” (2018 Safety Communication)

GloShield is the only light cord cover on the market and has been used in over 150,000 surgeries. GloShield proactively protects patients and staff by automatically covering fiber-optic light cords in the sterile field when not in use. By shielding the light output, GloShield helps eliminate risk by preventing the ignition source (light cable) from contacting or interacting with fuel (drapes, skin, etc.) on the fire triangle. Interested in learning more about how GloShield can enhance patient safety in your ORs? Contact us to get free samples.

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