GCMI: A Gateway to Medical Innovation

Jackson Medical has been dedicated to enhancing the safety of surgeries for both patients and staff. Yet, without the support of Atlanta’s medical innovation ecosystem, GloShield might have remained just a concept. During its inception at Jackson Medical, the team harnessed the resources of GCMI’s Phase Zero Program, laying the groundwork for development and commercialization. This strategic collaboration has yielded tangible results: safer surgical procedures and fewer never events.

What is GCMI?

GCMI stands for Global Center for Medical Innovation, a renowned institution dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship in healthcare. Situated in the heart of Atlanta, GCMI serves as a catalyst for translating ideas into impactful solutions that address real-world healthcare challenges.

At its core, GCMI functions as a hub where innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts converge to drive advancements in medical technology and healthcare delivery. The center provides a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures creativity, facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, and accelerates the development of groundbreaking medical innovations.

What services does GCMI provide?

One of the key pillars of GCMI is its state-of-the-art prototyping and product development facility. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, including 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and advanced manufacturing capabilities, the facility empowers innovators to bring their concepts to life with unprecedented speed and precision. From early-stage prototypes to fully functional medical devices, GCMI’s prototyping facility serves as a launchpad for turning ideas into tangible solutions.

In addition to its prototyping capabilities, GCMI offers a range of support services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare innovators. This includes expertise in regulatory affairs, reimbursement strategies, market analysis, and business development, providing innovators with the guidance and resources needed to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare commercialization.

“It’s really about providing a holistic approach to the process,” says GCMI Director, Saylan Lukas. “Prototyping is just one piece, but we make sure our clients fully de-risk the process by performing clinical validation and understanding the true cost to bring their idea to market.”

GCMI also facilitates strategic partnerships between innovators, healthcare institutions, industry leaders, and investors, fostering collaboration and driving collective impact. By connecting innovators with potential stakeholders and resources, GCMI helps bridge the gap between concept and commercialization, paving the way for scalable and sustainable solutions to reach the market.

One notable aspect of GCMI’s approach is its focus on addressing unmet clinical needs and healthcare disparities. By prioritizing projects that have the potential to make a meaningful difference in patient outcomes and access to care, GCMI ensures that innovation serves the greater good of society.

How did Jackson Medical benefit from collaboration with GCMI?

Spun up out of Georgia Tech, founders James Rains and Kamil Makhnejia knew they had a great base concept but needed additional support to bring GloShield to market. That’s when they got involved with GCMI. 

“While completing the Biomedical Innovation and Development Masters Program at Georgia Tech, I worked at GCMI, so when thinking about how to enhance GloShield and build upon the original concept for commercial success, I knew the Phase Zero program at GCMI would be the best option for us,” says Makhnejia.

Using GCMI’s Phase Zero program, Jackson Medical developed intellectual properties and a working prototype. They also received guidance for commercialization.

“GCMI helped to characterize our use need and the thermal environment, then prototyped solutions that met the more refined specifications,” says Rains. “We knew that we had an innovative concept and that there is nothing like GloShield currently on the market, but needed to ensure that we were taking the correct steps that would help us reach commercialization in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

Jackson Medical is still involved with GCMI to this day. The team utilizes GCMI for office space and continues to work closely on GloShield advancements and new product development. 

GCMI embodies a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and impact in medical innovation. By providing a supportive ecosystem, cutting-edge resources, and strategic guidance, GCMI empowers innovators to transform their visions into reality, ultimately shaping the future of healthcare for the better.

photo of the Jackson Medical and GloShield teams
Jackson Medical and GloShield teams


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