Jackson Medical 2020 Mid-year Review

These are truly unique and challenging times as a result of COVID-19. All our lives have been impacted in some fashion – some more than others. Here are three topics we at Jackson Medical are reflecting on as it relates to healthcare and surgical services from the first half of this year:


  • This is the first truly global crisis resulting from a healthcare scare as opposed to conflict or economic downturn in close to 100 years. Many companies are asking what gaps and inefficiencies have been identified that need to be addressed early on as a precautionary measure for any similar, future crises, and this is doubly important to reflect on for those in the healthcare and surgical services.

Healthcare Supply Chain:

  • Personal protective equipment and essential medical supply shortages continue to be problematic despite the medical device industry, consumer industry, and maker movement supporting the supply chain. Jackson Medical stepped up by supplying face shields to thousands of healthcare providers, nursing home staff/residents, educators, and the dental community and continues to do so through this pandemic. How can healthcare supply chains maintain stability of inventory levels without a restrictive “just-in-time” strategy?

Surgical Services:

  • With a heightened focus on patient safety, it’s important for surgical services to take proper precautions for patient and perioperative staff safety. What strategies can enhance safety and reassure patients while reducing risk? For example, to steward infection prevention, respect customers’ visitor/vendor policies, and allow for customer independence, Jackson Medical virtually supports surgical staff through 15-min video in-services and self-explanatory evaluation product. 
  • Outside of COVID-19, implementing solutions like Jackson Medical’s surgical safety device GloShield creates a safer surgical environment and standard-of-care, accelerating hospitals to be best-in-class.

As we continue into the second half of 2020, it’s important to regularly reflect on this unique situation. Let’s all do our part to get through these challenging times together. Stay safe. Keep healthy.

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